Terms & Conditions

    1. ETN Travels website (referred to as the “website” here onwards), managed and owned by 2199742 ONT Inc. (dba). On the site, these terms & conditions will keep usingwords such as “cardholder”, “you“, customer”, and “passenger”to denote all persons obtaining or buying purchasing travel services on ETN Travels.
    2. Making payment-

a) All online purchases can be completed through any of the following credit cards: Visa, American Express and MasterCard. In certain cases, if mentioned specifically, you might not be able to use American Express credit cards.

b) Credit cards that are either from third party or foreign will not be accepted by us. In case of direct deposits, cash, e-transfers and fund transfers will be accepted only with the written authorization from ETN Travels.

c) All vacations packages and airfares bought on the website are 100% non-refundable.

d) You can avail online bookings by making payment only in full.

e) The billing address you give needs to be same as the one previously verified as per credit card records. In case of a discrepancy, your booking is liable to be cancelled without prior notice.

f) Upon giving our website authorization for making use of your credit card for booking travel services, you hereby confirm the entire amount to be levied according to the cardholder agreement. Additionally, you also agree to not chargeback the amount to be used for provision of our travel services.

g) If fraudulent purchases are suspected by us, we reserve the right to carry out investigation and prosecution in a thorough manner, either by giving or by withholding information from you.

h) The final amount visible after an Authorized Transaction could be slightly different from what you provide as payment, since some merchants require to place a temporary hold on extra funds. Such a practice is routine for merchants at areas like gas stations, restaurants, and some hotels. The accurate amount will be visible only when the transaction displays itself as a “Posted Transaction”.

i) In certain instances, you might see delays from the time a transaction is settled and eliminated from the list “Authorized Transactions”, to the time they are eventually visible as “Posted Transactions”. Additionally, certain business transactions may appear as both Authorized and Posted until full and final settlement.

j) Ticket prices and accommodation would only be confirmed or reserved once total payment is made. You must also be aware that space is often limited and priced could fluctuate as per pending reservations.

k) When you make use of a Visa debit card or a bank debit card for the purpose of payment, funds would be released only after 60 days by your bank in the event of a cancellation. You are hereby advised to have an alternative payment mode handy at all times.

l) ETN Travels deals with several international vendors as a Canadian company. As a result, you would see prices given in Canadian Dollars (CAD) on our website, unless mentioned specifically. For packages of cruise vacations, as an example, prices could be given as USD.

m) At times booking prices for airlines may appear in the form of CAD, but may necessitate payment as per local currency of the airline. Here the exchange rate for your currency in CAD will remain the same as what you saw on the date of your booking. Eventually though, the final rate visible on your credit card statement will be in accordance with the exchange rate prevailing at your credit card company. You must be informed here that foreign transaction fees levied by credit card companies cannot be controlled by us.

        1. Issue of refunds-

a) Any kind of refunds in lieu of unutilized travel services will not be considered by ETN Travels.

b) All booking-related modifications would be as per terms and conditions strictly stated by the airlines, tour operator or cruise line, in accordance with their brochures or their websites.

c) There may be cases in which cruise lines do not comply completely to the exact vessels or itineraries, and they may even skip ports for various reasons, included, but not limited to safety, weather and others. Please be aware that such events are outside the control of ETN Travels and thus will not be liable for compensation or refunds.

    1. Accepting the website’s Terms & Conditions-

a) While using our website for buying your travel services, you hereby agree to be in complete agreement of the Terms & Conditions given on this page.

b) Our website can be used by you as the customer in accordance with your acceptance, but not subject to modifications in notices or conditions described on this page.

c) You hereby agree to acceptance of various points mentioned under the privacy policy of this website.

d) All guideline given by our suppliers such as tour operators, hotels, cruise lines, and others. Terms and Conditions (alternatively read as Rules and Regulations) for the airline and travel operators supplying the necessary services or products to you would be provided in the form of links to individual websites.

    1. Handling price errors- ETN Travels gets its prices from a variety of sources which are not always under its control. Despite this, it must be said that a supplier misquoting any relevant package for a flight or cruise is rather rare. In the event of a misquoted price, the travel operatoror supplier has complete authorization to cancel the booking.
    2. Price fluctuations- Our website prices are subject to change during your booking session. A change like this could take place due to an unavoidable delay among the updated tour operator, airline or hotel, and the third-party vendor. However, if you disconnect from the site and come back later, prices are unlikely to be the same.
    3. Rise in prices- If there occurs a rise higher than 7% in travel services after paying the deposit (true for Ontario and Quebec residents), and the rise is not as a result of fuel surcharge levied by the government or the Canadian Transportation Agency, you will be able to cancel your booking by calling customer service. However, for the cancellation to be valid, it must be completed within a week of the notification.
    4. Checking car rentals- If you have booked a car rental, you must be aware that the rental companies and their respective governments closely scrutinize the minimum age given in the booking. The driver needs to be above the legal driving age of respective country, but if not, the rental will not be granted. Ensure that you have a valid driving license and a non-expired credit card. Various fees and local taxes are likely to be separate, and will not be covered by the website.
    5. Packages for cruise liners- Numerous entities are included as parts of such packages. These are airport fees (to and from the closest airport), vacation activities, meals, cabin reservation prices and the return flight (taxes inclusive). Apart from these, additional payments for drinks, excursions, and other onboard gratuities will not be under our control.
    6. Flight reservations- A flight booking made by ETN Travels would require you to pay a fee per individual declared in the booking process as Service Fee. After booking, two charges will be visible on your credit card statement-

a) Ticket fee processed through ETN

b) Airline ticket charge, which may be processed either by a third party supplier or the airline

    1. Making special requests- If you wish to move to a different room, an adjoining room, a different type of hotel bed or airline seat, please be aware that these cannot be guaranteed by our suppliers. For the same reason, ETN Travels cannot be held accountable for not being able to grant such requests.
    2. Travel insurance for utmost safety- You are advised to purchase a Global Travel Insurance from us to protect your family and you on any trip through ETN Travels. On your travel invoice, if you are unable to see charges for the policy or its insurance number, it implies that you have chosen not to buy the insurance. Cuban travelers have to compulsorily purchase travel insurance. Proof of the same would be needed once you arrive in a particular country. In case you don’t have it, you might be told to make local purchase of the same.
    3. Liabilities

a) ETN Travels has partnered with a number of travel service suppliers across flights, holiday packages, cruise, hotels, vacations and car rental companies. All services across these suppliers will be as per individual terms and conditions. Similarly, their respective liabilities are also likely to be linked to their carriage conditions, tariffs, and related international standards.

b) It must be mentioned here that ETN Travels does not take full ownership of the actions of its suppliers. Availability, prices and information may change without .

c) We do not operate or manage restaurants, hotels, cruises, resorts or other suppliers, and thus cannot be accountable for their respective omissions. Protection of personal belongings, travel and other schedules, reservations, connections, and prices will not be guaranteed by us.

d) If there are damages as a result of theft, illness, actions by labor, failure of electrical or mechanical equipment, the act of God, war, government action, insurgency, quarantine, terrorist acts and others beyond our control, we will not be held responsible for the end results.

e) ETN Travels would not be responsible for the actions of individuals who are not our employees or pretending to be us.

    1. Mandatory customer responsibilities –

a) Minors unaccompanied by adults- When children below 18 years of age travel without adults, it is you, the consenting adult who must verify various rules and regulations for minors with respective airline. Do not forget- regulations might change from one airline to another. In the event that the regulations are not fulfilled, children will be refused boarding right, and the charges paid would not be refundable. Some airlines charge additional fee for minors traveling without adults, it responsibility of customer to check the age of minor with airline before buying the ticket and pay any additional fees charged by the airline (s) for an unaccompanied minor.

b) Confirm your age- You must verify your legal age with us and also possess the authority to be able to book travel services on others’ behalves in the same booking. Some cruises keep 21 years as the minimum age in a cabin, but when without a 25-year old adult of at least 25 (different ages may be seen in different terms). Hotels also can have such a requirement, which can be confirmed before booking.

c) Airline change- Please note, airline selling tickets might have arrangements with other airlines to fly on their behalf, therefore the operating carrier’s rules and regulations will apply in that case and ETN Travel will not be held responsible for that.

d) Refrain from fraudulent activities- You must not play a part in any kind of speculative activity or fraudulent reservation on our company website. If there are signs of the above, we hold complete authorization to cancel bookings made with your name or email address. In case we are able to obtain proof of speculative activities, ETN Travels will be forced to take legal action and you may have to cough up legal charges. If you decide to contest against this cancellation, send an email to our customer service team.

e) Ensure that you have the correct documents- In the event that you are not carrying appropriate documents, it is deemed mandatory for you to get in touch with the embassy, the consulate, or government website for your destination(s) as per the itinerary. According to the country where your passport was issued, you could face restrictions on visiting certain countries, or get a visa much before time. Confirm the rule in advance. Several countries make it necessary for passports to remain valid after return for 6 months. Additionally, verify information on the government website of your country of arrival.

We have already given information about laws and customs relevant to trips outside and your return to Canada. Despite this, consider it to be your responsibility to track all legal, health, and other documents pertaining to your travel.

f) Getting back to Canada- Ensure that you are carrying the requisite documents (passport, visa, PR card, etc.) to re-enter Canada upon return.

g) Correct spellings to be verified on documents- Always ensure that spellings mentioned across all your documents are correct and relate to the passport names as per completed bookings. Remember that these spellings, once on the tickets cannot be amended. You may not even be allowed to travel if the names cannot be verified.

h) Flights and their baggage rules- In case you are facing charges on excess baggage or if there is change in total number of luggage pieces you are carrying, get in touch with your airline company. This may also include carry-on requirements for your specific flight, or you could be refused extra carriages. Make sure you verify your airline check-in times from the appropriate website, prior to leaving for your destination(s). In case of any change, the modification in flight timings would be visible from 12-24 hours prior to scheduled departure.

i) Requirements for special needs travelers- We at ETN Travels take it upon ourselves to meet diverse client needs and ensure that the holiday is just as accessible for you as for the others travelling with you. In the event that someone in your travel group has accessibility needs in terms of accommodation, ensure that such a person calls ETN Travel customer service well advance of the departure date to make arrangements for the traveler with special needs.

j) Verify tickets and invoices- Always ensure that you review all invoices and tickets for verification of dates and timings of products and services as per your requirements. Upon completion of payment to us, you hereby acknowledge that the given travel services perfectly fit into your plan, and you agree to abide by our complete terms and conditions. After completing a cruise liner booking, remember to provide additional information, if required by the cruise company.

k) Changes or cancellations- If you wish to make complete or partial cancellations in your bookings, it is mandatory to contact ETN Travels at the earliest. Cancellations of cruise liners, airlines, insurances or other suppliers would be in accordance with individual cancellation policies, often calculated as per the advance you have paid. You must be hereby notified that even if there is a complete or a partial refund, taxes, fees and related charges would remain non-refundable.

When you make changes in names, dates, hotels, airlines, cruises and other related travel services, cancellation penalties can be levied, depending upon the supplier’s policies. If you fail to travel as per the booking due to any reason, it would immediately lead to a 100% cancellation penalty for all involved suppliers. Certain airline tickets might not be cancelled or changed here.

l) Hotel check-in and check-out timings – Any special requests for check-in and check-out timings cannot be arranged by us. In most cases, the check-out time would be 12 noon, on the date of your return flight, and this holds true irrespective of flight departure time. There are also flights which may leave post-midnight. If you decide to remain in the hotel, late check-outs would be chargeable, in accordance with hotel policies.

m) Terms and Conditions given by hotels-

      • The majority of hotel reservations made by travel suppliers of ETN Travels are prepaid. Your credit card is liable to be charged only upon reservation confirmation. Prices given by our booked hotel would vary according to the daily exchange rates.
      • Any extra services used by you in the hotel will be subject to additional billing at the time of check-out. Examples of these are international calls, mini bar, room service, phone calls, on demand videos etc.
      • If you have been informed to pay the hotel in local currency, please note that prices quoted by the front desk are EXCLUSIVE of taxes, as the exact taxes will be charged only after determining the chargeable amount. In case local taxes have already been billed to your card, they will not be charged again.
      • Guests living in the hotel need to be between 18 to 21 years old at least while checking in (according to individual hotel policy), unless accompanied by parent or guardian.
      • Refunds for nights left unused will not be made, and this may include either early check-outs or late check-ins. Changes or complete cancellations of hotel reservations through us can attract 100% administration and/or penalty fees. To make any kind of changes or cancellations, please contact ETN Customer Service.

n) Departures of cruise lines- Cruise lines come under the allied services of ETN Travels. They should ideally stick to departure schedules from the respective ports. Therefore, you should keep sufficient amount of time in hand to get to the cruise, subject to possible flight delays. Having made a booking with us, you could get to travel one day before your cruise, with an overnight option at a specified port.

o) Flight tickets bought from cruise liners- If you decide to purchase flight tickets from the allocated cruise line, do be informed that airline timings, their names, routes and dates will be confirmed only in the last month before departure.

p) Customs and local holidays- Consider it important to be aware of local customs, traditions and holiday closures at your tourist destination. This may directly or indirectly impact your travel plans.

q) Requesting for customer claims- If you want to make a claim, it is mandatory to make this claim within 30 days of the date the service was used by calling ETN Travels customer service. In the event that this complaint is not filed within this time, your satisfaction will automatically be assumed. Also, if you need to initiate a legal proceeding, you need to give the notice as the above guidelines.