Privacy & Security

Updated for the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, Part 1, 01 Jan, 2006.

The following information about purchase privacy and security has been created with the 360- degree welfare of our esteemed customers in mind.

How our Purchase Policy works

All online purchases made at ETN Travels, a company meant specially to provide travel services, would only take place on secure servers that utilize advanced multi stage encryption. Our multiple stage encryption levels completely eliminate the chances of fraudulent purchases, as well as theft of credit card data. In case you have an issue with the above, please speak to our expert travel consultants.

Our online team makes every effort possible to provide a secure environment for travel transactions. We also respect your privacy, and do not send you unsolicited mails unless specifically instructed by you. Thereby, high standards of online privacy and cyber security are maintained at all times.

Respecting your personal information and ensuring the confidentiality of your information has always been our top priority at ETN Travels. This holds true at any stage of the business transaction between you and us.

Trademarks and copyrights of our business

Several phrases, words, names, icons, logo, graphics, and other kinds of content belong to the webpages of ETN Travels. All of these are trade names or trademarks that belong to 2199742 ONT Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.

Details of the trademark list are as follows:


2199742 ONT Inc. and/or its subsidiaries make use of all these trademarks.  Some of them are likely to be separated from each other by symbols such as ®, * and ™. Such symbols are used for the first time only and are shown as per their legends.

The legend gives information about the trade-mark owner or the licensee. Here are some examples:

  • 2199742 ONT Inc.
  • ™ Trademark of 2199742 ONT Inc.
  • ® Registered trademark of 2199742 ONT Inc.
  1. Any kind of re-transmission, download or other modification that takes place without our authorization is deemed to be a federal violation or violation of any other legally applicable law, and are likely to result in legal action.
  2. Displays of trademarks and trade names on our website mean that no similar or same license has been given to any other party. Information displayed here is strictly meant for your personal use.
  3. Online information such as the one given on our website, belonging to ETN Travels, is protected as per the laws of other countries and Canada.

Details of Personally Identifiable Information

PII (Personally identifiable information) is the legal data specifically used to identify and/or contact you individually, with regards to your travel plans. Information categorized as per PII, though not inclusive of all the following, consists of:

  • Email ID
  • Regular postal address
  • Credit card number
  • Phone number

Information which cannot be directly linked with your actual identity cannot be deemed as personally identifying. Such examples include your bookmarked websites, and web pages or your customized site preferences.

So how is PII used?

We always take privacy-related information seriously at ETN Travels, and not one bit of your data can be shared without your consent. However, if you do want this data to be shared, we have ways and means through which we provide the following forms:

    • Communication based forms: If you happen to be a contest participant, member or a purchaser of our services, your email address or your PII could be utilized to contact you for any of the following:
    • Newsletters to tell you about our latest developments
    • Notifications about the latest travel specials
    • Confirmations of reservations
    • Updates to your travel plans, if any
  • Forms to track your purchases and reservations: If you have made a reservation or a purchase with us, we become authorized to share purchase information with the relevant hotel, airline, tour operator and car rental agency, if applicable. The idea behind sharing your data is to make sure that your travel arrangements are confirmed to or travel partners. With the help of your credit card information, they will then process your ticket or any kind of reservation.
  • Forms that track cookies- Our IT department makes use of cookies to see if you are a repeat visitor to ETN Travels. Through cookies, we are equipped to deliver the most personalized travel experience to you. PI enables us to give personalized content such as relevant advertisements.

All the above information is always kept in the strictest of confidence, meant to be utilized only as per rules given in the General Privacy Policy.

Our relationship with Third-Party websites

  • As mentioned above, ETN Travels will not sell your personal information, in the form of address, name, credit-card number, transaction details and history of shopping without taking your explicit permission.
  • On our website, you will also find links to other sites, and their privacy policies may be very different from ours. At times, you may see ETN Travels website URL pointing you to another website. We shall make every possible effort to secure practices on sites. Though we do make such efforts, please be informed that most websites are usually responsible for their respective privacy policies.
  • While buying our products, or if you subscribe to our services, the PII obtained remains restricted to its stated purpose only. We will also provide you access to your PII in a specified time period after a written request handed over by you.
  • You can review the PII for completeness and accuracy, and in case of a problem with the same, ETN Travels takes the responsibility of correction.

Get in Touch

For any questions or queries about our travel services and the above, get in touch at It is our duty to attend to the requests of our clients in detail and attempt to respond in the shortest possible time. In case you wish to get answers to specific questions about our privacy policy, please write to our Privacy Officer at